Evolution of Psychotherapy 2009

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference has been, since 1985, an international forum for masters in the field to meet, interact, and discuss a wide range of topics, including their current work and latest research, as well as the future of psychotherapy.

The programs in the Evolution Conference are designed to maximize opportunities for interaction among the faculty, as well as between the faculty and you.

You will increase your knowledge base and enhance your therapeutic skills by

  • Learning the basic principles and techniques of contemporary schools of psychotherapy
  • Analyzing the commonalities that underlie successful clinical work
  • Examining historical developments in psychotherapy and future projects of its masters

Evolution 2009 Faculty Group Photo


State of the Art Faculty

Keynote Speakers

Special Invited Faculty

The program for this landmark Conference is designed to maximize the opportunity for interaction among the faculty and between the faculty and participants. Presentations will include Invited Addresses, Workshops, Clinical Demonstrations, Dialogues, Panels, Conversation Hours and Keynote Addresses. The State of the Art faculty will introduce the participant to different viewpoints and ideas through Workshops and Addresses.