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An Epic Life draws upon four decades of interviews with professionals who knew Erickson. The incisive perspectives are interlaced with commentary from Jeffrey Zeig to clarify and contextualize. The images of Erickson that emerge are congruent, divergent, myriad. In the end, readers gain unusual access to the man, his commitment, and his work. There is nothing simple in what is conveyed, and yet the impression it makes is coherent — and lasting.

Author, Jeffrey Zeig, prepares us for this stimulating journey by providing an overview of Erickson. He also offers a short history of psychotherapy and hypnosis, placing Erickson in the landscape of his time and all time. The reader gets to enter directly into the dynamic world of Milton Erickson, a one-of-a-kind communicator of unparalleled brilliance. Erickson forged his own path against the prevailing zeitgeist. In doing so, he created a most innovative paradigm.

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Art of Psychotherapy

If you didn't get a chance to attend these classes live, now is your opportunity to immerse yourself in experiential psychotherapy. The Art of Psychotherapy classes feature live demonstrations of psychotherapy sessions in which Dr. Jeffrey Zeig implements various approaches to common patient issues. Understand how to prompt your client to realize hidden potentials and learn techniques that will guide you into perfecting your own style of therapy.

Intensive Training Online

The Intensive Training Program is a unique opportunity to learn principles and applications of one of the most rapidly growing treatment models in contemporary psychotherapy. For the past 30 years, the Intensives have drawn professionals from around the world. The scope of the program is comprehensive; its incremental structure facilitates progressive acquisition of competence.

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A client asks Erickson to help him stop smoking tobacco. Rather than using a formula, Erickson tailors a treatment approach to both address underlying problems and elicit resources.


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