Empowering Experiential Therapy Series

Volume 3 of the Empowering Experiential Therapy Series is 25% off for a limited time.

Help clients discover their ability to adapt and overcome through experiential brief therapy!

“Psychoaerobics” is the leading manual for developing conceptual realization. Build your communication skills with Jeffrey Zeig's carefully crafted exercises! Psychoaerobics model the excellence of Milton H. Erickson, the grandmaster of hypnosis and experiential approaches to psychotherapy.

Dr. Zeig posits that therapists should approach therapy as artists, not as scientists, as facts inform while art impacts. When the goal is to have emotional impact, to promote conceptual realizations and alter states, experiential methods are essential.

Many of the exercises inside this book are methods used to train actors. Dr. Zeig combined these modeling methods with Erickson’s approach exercises designed to elicit generative states in therapists, from which both therapist and client can benefit.

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