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Our mission is to promote and advance the contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton H. Erickson, MD. The Foundation is dedicated to training health and mental health professionals through conferences, workshops, and programs.

The Foundation offers downloadable recordings, online streams, books and DVDs. These products are available to professionals in health-related fields, including physicians, doctoral-level psychologists, podiatrists and dentists who are qualified for membership in, or are members of, their respective professional organizations, and to professionals with graduate degrees from accredited institutions in areas related to mental health.

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Lectures and Demonstrations

35% off any of Milton Erickson's Lectures and Demonstrations series.

A collection of five different recordings; Chicago, Pasadena, UCLA, Philadelphia and San Diego. These priceless seminars contain hours of instruction, information, techniques, examples and demonstrations from a variety of topics. Working with resistant patients, the use of permissive language, ordeal therapy, geometric progression, the timeless principles of hypnosis that he observed, discovered and utilized, the essential differences between traditional hypnosis and modern hypnosis, and more.

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