Brief Therapy 1998

The Brief Therapy Conference, entitled "Brief Therapy: Lasting Impressions," features preeminent practitioners of brief therapy and will be clinically oriented. This training experience is designed to make available a wealth of knowledge for all attendees - beginning, intermediate or advanced.

Brief therapists from all disciplines are linked by their practical emphasis on the change process. The Brief Therapy Conference will promote integration among what previously have been disparate schools.


  • David H. Barlow
  • Aaron T. Beck
  • Laura Brown
  • Simon Budman
  • Nicholas Cummings
  • Steve de Shazer
  • Albert Ellis
  • Betty Alice Erickson
  • Richard Fisch
  • Helen Fisher
  • Stephen Gilligan

  • Mary Goulding
  • Lynn Hoffman
  • Michael F. Hoyt
  • Stephen Lankton
  • Robert Langs
  • Arnold Lazarus
  • Joseph LoPiccolo
  • Camillo Loriedo
  • Michael Mahoney
  • William Matthews

  • Leigh McCullough
  • Monica McGoldrick
  • Scott D. Miller
  • John C. Norcross
  • Maureen O'Hara
  • Peggy Papp
  • James O. Prochaska
  • Ernest Rossi
  • Frank J. Sulloway
  • Michael Yapko
  • Jeffrey Zeig