The Artistry of Milton H. Erickson

From an interview with Herb Lustig on Dr. Erickson:

"At the Child Guidance Clinic we had had a seminar that highlighted Milton Erickson and his strategic therapy. But when that day’s course was completed, I was perplexed. ‘Who is the real Milton Erickson?’ After having heard these three people, all of whom knew Milton well, describe three different Milton Ericksons, I decided to find out for myself who Milton Erickson was.

So I went back to my office, and after considering what I’d say, I phoned the Phoenix information operator, obtained Dr. Erickson’s telephone number, and then called him. I explained who I was and what my credentials were, and then told him that I’d like to come to Phoenix to visit him. He agreed, and we planned that I would come out in the spring of 1974.

Upon hearing that I was going to visit Erickson, some of the people at the Child Guidance Clinic suggested that I videotape him. I thought, ‘Why not?’ "

Read the entire interview here.

About Artistry

The "Artistry of Milton H Erickson" video involves a therapy session with two clients: Monde and Nick. Monde is a 32-year-old women who is married with three children. Monde has had three therapy sessions with Dr. Erickson and has been exposed to hypnosis in prior sessions. Monde is seeing Dr. Erickson because she is feeling insecure about herself as a person, mother, and wife. The other client, Nick, is a 20-year-old sophomore in college who has had no previous experience with hypnosis or psychotherapy. In addition, Nick is an acquaintance of Monde and her husband. The therapy session is conducted in two parts: part one involves Monde as the primary patient while Nick is the secondary patient and part two involves Nick as the primary patient and Monde as the secondary patient.

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Topic Areas: Hypnosis |  Milton Erickson

Category : Press Products |  Stream |  Artistry of MHE

Faculty: Herbert S. Lustig, MD |  Milton H. Erickson, MD

Duration: 01:40:00

Format: Audio and Video

Original Program Date: Apr 28, 1975

Product Type: Stream

Short Description: This recording demonstrates Dr. Erickson's innovative combination of hypnotic and psychotherapeutic techniques in English with a German transcript. Diese Präsentation mit dem Namen “Die Kunstfertigkeit von Milton H. Erickson, M.D.", wurde am 28. April 1975 aufgenommen. Sie ist die ununterbrochene und unveränderte audiovisuelle Aufzeichnung einer Sitzung, in der Dr. Erickson Therapie mit zwei Patienten durchführt. Die Therapiesitzung wurde in Farbe unter warmen Studiolichtern aufgenommen. Zum Zeitpunkt dieser Aufnahme war Dr. Erickson 73 Jahre alt und seit mehr als fünf Jahrzehnten praktizierender Therapeut.

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