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Milton H. Erickson, MD: Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy - by Jay Haley and Madeline Richeport-Haley

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Milton Erickson
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Dec 31, 2005
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Narrated by Jay Haley, this full color, 60-minute documentary, now available in On Demand and DVD format, offers an intimate and far-reaching portrait of this remarkable individual's life and work. You will learn how Milton Erickson overcame numerous adversities in his early life dyslexia, complete paralysis from polio at age 17, and chronic pain and how these events formed the genesis of his development as an innovator in hypnosis and therapy. Featuring abundant footage of Erickson during interviews and therapeutic sessions, many of which have never been previously released, you will learn more about the man and his work through fascinating interviews with his colleagues, students, patients, and family members. This inspiring portrait of one of the most important therapists of our time will enrich the lives of anyone interested in the extraordinary potential of the human spirit.


"In the process of understanding and working with his own pain, Erickson understood pain better than any other therapist, since he'd been down that road himself." - from the narration by Jay Haley

"He was a genius, he really was. He was a maverick..." - Robert E. Pearson


Jay Haley studied with Dr. Erickson for 17 years. He was a major editor of Erickson's works and authored many books about him. Mr. Haley has been professor at Stanford University, Howard University, the University of Maryland, and is currently professor at the California School of Professional Psychology. Madeline Richeport-Haley is a noted anthropologist filmmaker who studied with Erickson.



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