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IC11 Workshop 66 - How to Become Smart Enough to Know When to Stop Thinking: A Brief Ericksonian Approach to Lasting Solutions - Joseph Dowling, MS, LPC

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Workshops |  Brief Therapy |  Consciousness |  Ericksonian Hypnosis and Therapy Techniques |  Unconscious Processes |  Hypnosis
Erickson Congress |  Erickson Congress 2011
Joseph Dowling, MS, LPC
59 Minutes
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Dec 07, 2011
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Milton H. Erickson, MD, understood that anxiety was often created and exacerbated by the conscious (thinking) mind, while the unconscious mind is an infinite storehouse of talents, solutions, and healing energies. This workshop will teach a brief, solution-focused, strategic, and hypnotic approach to anxiety related disorders. Intellectualizing, analyzing, self-criticizing, WHY-ing and WHAT-IF-ing clients will be targeted as participants learn to employ Ericksonian interventions including solution-focused questions, strategic task assignments, and formal/conversational hypnosis via live demonstration, experiential exercise, and case studies.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Describe how the symptomology of anxiety can be utilized to access the healing energy of the unconscious mind.
  2. Describe how to create brief, Ericksonian, lasting solutions in the treatment of anxiety related disorders.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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Joe Dowling is a licensed professional counselor who conducts his private psychology practice in Philadelphia, PA. Working with individuals, couples, and families, Joe can be best characterized as a peak performance, strength based, future focused practitioner who facilitates therapy as an experiential process. He specializes in solution-focused/strategic therapy while having an expertise in clinical and medical hypnotherapy.