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IC07 Workshop 43 - The Cultural Magic of StoryPlay® Therapy - Joyce Mills, PhD, LLC, LMFT, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor

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Workshops |  Storytelling |  StoryPlay |  Children and Adolescent Therapy |  Metaphors |  Multicultural
Erickson Congress |  Erickson Congress 2007
Joyce Mills, PhD, LMFT
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Dec 09, 2007
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The StoryPlay® model weaves together the elements of story/metaphors, creativity, expressive arts and play to form a unique and proven method of therapy to effect positive change, healing and problem-solving. Deriving its theoretical foundations from the principles of Milton H. Erickson and indigenous teachings, StoryPlay® emphasizes cultural diversity, natural healing abilities and creative solutions.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To name three essential elements of StoryPlay® Therapy.
  2. To identify two natural healing activities which are Story-Crafts for helping children repair their emotional wounds from trauma and grief.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Joyce Mills, PhD, LMFT's Profile

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Joyce C. Mills, PhD, LMFT, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor is the Founder/director of the Story- Play® Center in Scottsdale AZ and Co-director of the Phoenix Institute of Ericksonian Therapy. Recipient of 1997 Annual Intern Play Therapy Award for an “outstanding career contribution in Child Psychology and Play Therapy.” An internationally recognized trainer speaker, consultant, and program development specialist, author of eight books, including the award- winning Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within and Reconnecting to the Magic of Life.