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EP20 Speech 16 - The Secret Life of Shame: Transforming Buried Pain into Clinical Treasure - Harriet Lerner, PhD

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Couples Therapy |  Speeches |  Pain and Healing
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Evolution of Psychotherapy |  Evolution of Psychotherapy 2020
Harriet Lerner, PhD
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Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
1 hour
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Dec 13, 2020
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This speech will identify hidden sources of shame, with clinical and theoretical implications for helping our clients find self-regard, voice, and relational courage in the face of shame.


Educational Objectives:

  1. Define the meaning and origins of shame
  2. Decribe relational consequences of shame
  3. Identify ways to help clients cut shame down to size

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Harriet Lerner, PhD's Profile

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Harriet Lerner, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a contributor to feminist theory and therapy. From 1972 to 2001, she was a staff psychologist at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas and a faculty member and supervisor in the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry. During this time she published extensively on the psychology of women and family relationships, revising traditional psychoanalytic concepts to reflect feminist and family systems perspectives.