BT14 Clinical Demonstration 02 - Transforming Grief into Gratitude - S

BT14 Clinical Demonstration 02 - Transforming Grief into Gratitude - Steve Andreas, MA (Audio Only)

Most “grief work” involves expressing grief fully, or saying “goodbye” to the lost person, neither of which resolves the feeling of loss. Full resolution reconnects with the treasured felt experience of the lost person, using it as a positive resource to move forward and reengage the world in the present. 

Educational Objectives: 

1. Identify and distinguish between tears of grief and tears of reunion. 

2. Elicit the different locations of grief and presence in the client's personal space.


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Topic Areas:
Clinical Demonstration |  Grief
Brief Therapy Conference 2014 |  Brief Therapy Conference
Steve Andreas
Course Levels:
Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
54 Minutes
Original Program Date:
Dec 12, 2014
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Steve Andreas, NLP, is an American psychotherapist and author specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming. With his wife and partner Connirae, they are the co-editors and/or authors of many NLP books (both classics from the early days of the field, and new innovations) and over fifty NLP articles. 

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