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BT12 Short Course 32 – Subliminal Therapy: Effecting Change – Edwin Yager, PhD

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Short Courses |  Brief Therapy |  Subliminal Therapy |  Unconscious Processes
Brief Therapy Conference |  Brief Therapy Conference 2012
Edwin Yager, PhD
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Dec 09, 2012
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Subliminal Therapy is an innovative and easily-learned, psychodynamic technique for use in clinical settings. The theory, rationale and application are presented in this workshop, including compelling data on efficacy as derived from patient-completed, pre- and post-treatment inventories. The workshop addresses application of ST to both psychological and psychogenic medical problems.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Establish objective communication with extra-conscious process in identifiable ways.
  2. Utilize that communication to uncover the causes of psychogenic problems.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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Dr. Edwin Yager has studied, practiced and taught the clinical use of hypnosis for 40 years. He is certified as “Consultant in Hypnosis” by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and is a Past-President, Board Member and Fellow of the San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a great mentor in hypnosis for many around the globe.

Additionally, he offers training in Subliminal Therapy and hypnosis under the auspices of the San Diego Psychological Association, and worldwide under varied sponsors.