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BT10 Short Course 41 - Creating Solutions by Turning on "The Light": Exploring the Power of Playfully Illuminating "Trance-actions" - Betty Blue, PhD

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Trance |  Short Courses |  Art and Creativity |  Brief Therapy
Brief Therapy Conference |  Brief Therapy Conference 2010
Betty Blue, PhD
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Dec 09, 2010
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This workshop will use PowerPoint images, research, theories, examples and experiential exercises to demonstrate how therapeutically playful interaction with others may create lasting solutions by producing spiritually-uplifting catharsis and creatively explorative trance states capable of replacing sensations of helplessness with sensations of empowerment, enhancing sensations of meaningful relatedness, encouraging immune system functioning and possibly serving to “wake up” otherwise dormant genetic functioning and activate brain plasticity. With Betty Blue.

Educational Objectives:

  1. List three therapeutic benefits of playfully interacting with others.
  2. List three processes commonly occurring during therapeutically playful interactions that are also highly associated with hypnotic trance.  

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Betty Blue, PhD's Profile

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Thirty-five years experience providing Psychotherapeutic services.  Licensed by the State of California as a Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist. Providing, Individual, Couples, Family, Adult, Teen, Child, Geriatric, Parenting, Blended Family and Foster Family services, Hypnotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Professional Supervision, Professional Training and Adult Health Care Day Treatment Agency Consultation Services.

Specializing in Trauma, Grief Recovery and Relationship Psychology.  Also providing expertise in cases involving Workplace Trauma,  Stress, Illness, Loss, Divorce, Pain Management, Life Transitions, Parenting, Step-parenting, Foster Parenting, Blended Families, Singles, Men's and Women’s issues, Alternative life styles and Peace officers and Military personnel issues. Currently also serving as Psychological Consultant and a Utilization Review Quality Assurance Board Member at Helping Hands Day Treatment Center for Developmentally and/or mentally challenged adults, Garden Grove, California.