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Magali Peysha

My passion is in helping others to create meaning, relaxation and fulfillment in their life. For the last ten years I have trained over 15,000 Life Coaches at the 100-hour certification level through online courses and live workshops which I personally developed.

My courses include programs in Relationship Coaching, Group Coaching Leadership, Spirituality, and Activation Method. I love to lead people through live experiential processes that broaden their personal and spiritual growth within a community environment.

Before becoming a Life Coach over 15 years ago, I was certified as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. And I continue to help clients through Ayurvedic counseling. I bring my commitment to creating health and balance into every part of my client work. I deeply enjoy the creative process of working with a client to find their own inner source of energy and wisdom.

On the personal side, I am deeply grateful to my husband and soulmate for joining with me in our passion to help others and create a loving family. Motherhood has been my greatest teacher and privilege. Every day I am awed by my children’s presence and spirit.

At the heart of my personal practice is meditation, shamanic journeying, and energy medicine, which I share with both family and students often. Most days I find myself walking in nature, drawing and taking photos. For me Spirituality, Family, Life Coaching, Healing, and the love of Art come together in a collage of connection.

It’s my belief that we learn best through joyful participation. This means including all voices and perspectives into the conversation of growth. My hope is that I will be able to help build a world that loves, supports and empowers each of us, allowing a web of deep truth and unity to emerge.