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Luigi Boscolo, MD

After concluding his Medical degree at the University of Padova he moves to the United States and specialises in Psychoanalysis at the New York Medical College as well as at the New York Metropolitan Hospital together with Sivano Arieti and Nathan Ackerman. Once back in Italy he settles down in Milan and opens his own private practice. Meanwhile, he also collaborates with Mara Selvini Palazzoli. Indeed, the theoretical matrix that guides his intervention is without a doubt psychoanalytic.

In 1981 Boscolo and Cecchin found the Milanese Centre of Family Therapy (CMTF). The Centre’s endeavours did not halt them-selves at clinical work and research rather, they invested their efforts in intense training activities specifically oriented towards operators of state healthcare and social services. Furthermore, their training activities were extended across Europe, through the Americas and to Australia. An intense English summer course concerning the underpinning of the Milan Approach becomes offered on a yearly basis. Throughout all these years Boscolo is involved in didactic as well as supervisor activities in the Centre as well as in others establishments. Additionally, he becomes a founding associate of the S.I.P.R. and the S.I.R.T.S. as well as a member of the A.F.T.A. (American Family Therapy Association), the A.A.M.F.T. (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) and of the E.F.T.A. (European Association of Family Therapy).