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Haim Omer

Haim Omer is the founder of  NVR (non-violent resistance), as an approach to parents, schools and communites.  He is emeritus professor at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel-Aviv University. His parents survived the Hollocaust and emigrated to Brazil, where Haim was born in 1949. He lives in Israel since 1967. 

He has developed the model of Non-Violent Resistance and The New Authority in its application to families, schools and communities.  The model aims at strengthening parents and teachers by strictly non-violent and non-escalating means.  He has published many studies on the method and its applications with parents of children with externalizing disorders, anxiety disorders, juvenile delinquency, teen-drivers, violence against siblings, prevention of computer and smartphone abuse, child-to-parent violence, foster parents and school refusal. There have been five  international conferences devoted to the method (Greenwich, Antwerp, Munich, Malmo and Tel-Aviv; the sixth will be Held at Linz, Austria, in 2020).  Haim is married and has five children.  He dedicated one of his books to "my five children, who taught me all I know about parental helplessness".