Couples Conference 1995

With the divorce rate for all marriages in the United States at more than 60 percent, perpetual honeymoon bliss is rarely the outcome for most couples. What does it really take to create and sustain relationships that are both intimate and sexual?

Therapists are continually thrust into the tension of couples' colliding goals, values, interests and sexual desires. As couples therapists, we listen daily to conflicting demands and grapple with competing theories and interventions.

This unique conference focuses on two prominent aspects of couples' lives, intimacy and sexuality. From conceptualization to intervention to termination, therapists have an extensive array of choices. Theoretical constructs are at times incompatible and mutually exclusive: Intervention is not merely a matter of picking and choosing from a variety of models.

At this seminar, you will see, hear and learn from leading-edge theorists and practitioners as they define, describe and discuss differing approaches that initially promote closeness and those that move toward managing differences and facilitating differentiation.

Registrants will have an opportunity to learn what the latest research shows. By the end of three days, you will have advanced and refined your own thinking about how to approach the challenge of facilitating intimacy and sexuality.


  • Ellyn Bader
  • Peter Pearson
  • Lonnie Barbach
  • John Gottman
  • Harville Hendrix

  • Marty Klein
  • Ruth McClendon
  • Les Kadis
  • David Schnarch
  • Pepper Schwartz

  • Michele Weiner-Davis
  • Bennet Wong
  • Jock McKeen​
  • Jeffrey K. Zeig
  • Bernie Zilbergeld​