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Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis & Therapy

This classic collection contains the best quality examples of the work of Milton H. Erickson. These four videos put on display Dr. Erickson's work, live, as he demonstrates his own unique techniques in a variety of areas, from experiential methods, to resistance, anecdotes, metaphoric communication and more. Each video features Milton H. Erickson, with commentary by Jeffrey K Zeig, PhD.

Online Streaming option is also available. The online streaming versions have an option of adding 2 hours of Continuing Education credits for $10. APA credits available.

Process of Hypnotic Induction Cover The Process of Hypnotic Induction

The Process of Hypnotic Induction features Erickson in 1964, working with several different subjects. He demonstrates how to individualize the method of induction to fit the unique characteristics of the individual. Jeffrey Zeig discusses the microdynamics of teachnique that Erickson used in his 1964 inductions. Comments are aimed at clinicians experienced in hypnosis looking to refine their skills.

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Symbolic Hypnotherapy

A hypnotherapy session conducted by Milton H. Erickson, MD. This training tool contains segments of hypnotherapy conducted by Erickson, with the same subject, on two consecutive days in 1978. Erickson demonstrates how symbols may be used as metaphoric forms of communication to foster new ideas and understandings. Zeig discusses Erickson's technique.

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Symbolic Hypnotherapy Cover
Working with Resistance Cover Working with Resistance

In 1979, Milton Erickson and Jeffrey Zeig spent five hours reviewing a demonstration that Erickson conducted at a teaching seminar. That demonstration is now available as a training video for Ericksonian practitioners. Erickson's experiential methods include the symbolic use of hypnotic phenomena, encouraging resistance, naturalistic confusion technique, seeding, and using isomorphic anecdotes. Jeffrey Zeig discusses the mechanics of Erickson's unique approach to psychotherapy. Working with Resistance provides an opportunity to watch a master hypnotherapist demonstrate his technique.

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Therapy within a Marital System

This hypnotherapeutic session took place in 1978, and decades later, it's just as powerful and engaging. Enhancing the viewer's learning experience is Dr. Zeig's discussion of the underlying elements of Erickson's methods: the ARE model of instruction; the art of parallel communication; targeted utilization; and the use of implication. Erickson's fluid repertoire, drawn from systematic thinking, includes the use of anecdotes, symbolic communication, and strategic seeding. The elicitation of solutions, based on promoting constructive associations and flexible thoughts and feelings, is an area of particular interest and one in which Erickson was especially elegant.

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Therapy within a Marital System Cover