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The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson: Paperbound Volume 1: The Nature of Therapeutic Hypnosis

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The Collected Works: Paperbound Edition
The Nature of Therapeutic Hypnosis. ISBN 978-1-932248-78-4. $27.95
Erickson’s experimental and therapeutic explorations with the hypnotic modality span more than 50 years. His successful rejuvenation of the entire field may be attributed to his development of the nonauthoritarian approaches to suggestion wherein subjects learn how to experience hypnotic phenomena and how to utilize their own potentials to solve problems in their own way. The contents of this volume can be best understood as working papers on a journey of discovery. There is little that is fixed, final, or permanently validated about them. Most of these papers are heuristics that can stimulate the mind of the reader and evoke the awe of discovery, which is unlimited in the realm of human consciousness.



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