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Ericksonian Monographs 07 - The Broader Implications of Ericksonian Therapy (Hardcover)

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Stephen Lankton, MSW
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Book is used, but in good condition.

Introduction by Stephen R. Lankton


The Broader Implications of Milton H. Erickson's Work

by Richard Fisch

Erickson's Systemic Perspective

by Steve de Shazer

In Defense of Hypnosis

by Stephen G Gilligan

Milton Erickson's Lesson

by Bradford P. Keeney and Douglas G Flemons

Conflict Between Development of a New Research Tradition and of Social Technology: A Conceptual Problem

by William R. Nugent

The Art of the Possible

by Robert E Pearson

Understanding Erickson from His Own Point of View

by Ernest L Rossi

Structural Characteristics and Thematic Patterns of Interspersal Techniques of Milton H. Erickson: A Quantitative Analysis of the Case of Joe

by Akira Otani

An Experimental and Qualitative Evaluation of an Ericksonian Hypnotic Intervention for Family Relationship Problems

by William R Nugent

The Art of Examining a Child: Uses of Naturalistic Methods in the Pediatric Physical Examination

by John C Gall



Stephen Lankton, MSW's Profile

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Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB, trained under Milton H. Erickson, M.D. from 1975 to 1979, and his efforts at promoting and interpreting Erickson’s approach to hypnosis and therapy at the highest academic levels resulted in the inclusion of chapters in several scholarly publications edited by other luminaries in the field. He is a LCSW psychotherapist in a private practice in Phoenix, Arizona, Lankton conducts workshops internationally (24 countries). 


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