Milton Erickson Lives!: A Personal Encounter

Milton Erickson Lives!: A Personal Encounter

Milton H. Erickson Lives! is a book that was a lifetime in the making. Both the author and the Foundation Press had hoped to launch the book  at the 11th Erickson Congress, a presentation that would have that been most fitting. It almost came together. I had the privilege of reading an early draft of this work. It is the story of how Peter Nemetschek was affected by participation in training workshops taught by Milton. H. Erickson in the late 1970’s.


It is a tale of a young professional who initiated contact with Erickson in order to study with him. The time Nemetschek spent in seminar groups in Phoenix had a long-lasting effect that rippled throughout his personal and professional life. He reflects on a broad variety of topics and tells how various teaching tales affected his growth. Now in his 75th year, Nemetschek offers us a reflective self-portrait that provides insight into Erickson; the teaching seminars; and the manner in which one man was affected by the experience.


The progress of Nemetschek’s own evolution both as a man and as a professional is expressed with frank and honest charm. Coupled with the author’s artistry, displayed through a rich collection of his own photographs, the work presents layers of experiential depth. I very much enjoyed reading this work; I would have enjoyed it even if it was about someone other than my own Dad, but the fact that it was about my Dad makes it particularly special. 


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Peter Nemetschek, DGSF, is a family therapist, supervisor, in private practice in Munich, Germany. Has been teaching family therapy for 30 years, 20 years director of a family therapy institute. He participated in four teaching seminars with Milton H. Erickson, ninety days with Virginia Satir. He works with hand, heart and humor. He developed the River of Life Model, a holistic approach.

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