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IC15 Clinical Demonstration 08 - Conversational Hypnosis - For the Clients' Solutions - Betty Alice Erickson, MS, LPC, LMFT

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Clinical Demonstrations |  Hypnosis |  Indirection |  Ericksonian Hypnosis and Therapy Techniques
Erickson Congress |  Erickson Congress 2015
Betty Alice Erickson, MS, LPC, LMFT
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Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
Audio and Video
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Dec 11, 2015
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Tag: Hypnosis



Client perspectives can be understood through conversational hypnosis by tuning in to underlying meaning. Ideas can be presenter in indirect ways. They get to choose what fits them the best.

Educational Objectives:

  1. List three ways to offer new perspectives to clients.
  2. Given the patient, describe three ways to surmount client reluctance to proceed more adaptively.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Betty Alice Erickson, MS, LPC, LMFT's Profile

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Betty Alice Erickson, MS, LPC, LMFT, is a psychotherapist in Dallas (for over 20 years) and the middle daughter of Dr. Milton H. Erickson. She is an international teacher of hypnosis and specifically the conversational approach pioneered by her father. Betty Alice has authored articles, chapters and books on the subject.


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