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IC07 Dialogue 12 - PTSD - Yvonne Dolan, M.A., John Frykman, PhD

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Dialogues |  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Erickson Congress |  Erickson Congress 2007
Yvonne Dolan, MA |  John Frykman, MDiv, PhD
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Dec 08, 2007
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IC07 Dialogue 12 - PTSD - Yvonne Dolan, M.A., John Frykman, PhD



Yvonne Dolan, MA's Profile

Yvonne Dolan, MA Related Seminars and Products

Vice President of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association. Psychotherapist for over 25 years, internationally recognized for her books and training seminars in solutionfocused and Ericksonian therapy. Affliliated with the Milwaukee Brief Family Therapy Center. She has written six books, including co-authoring with the late Steve de Shazer and colleagues, More Than Miracles: The State of the Art of Solution-Focused Therapy , an update of the SFBT approach that will be published in 2006. 

John Frykman, MDiv, PhD's Profile

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John Frykman, MDiv, PhD, is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founder of Cypress Institute, an ordained Lutheran minister, and organizer of the Drug Treatment Program at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic. He studied privately with Dr. Erickson from 1969-1979, observing, sharing, and discussing cases with him. He has done teaching, consulting, training, and supervising in 27 states and 16 countries. In California, he served as Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Case Manager at Ross Hospital CD Unit (Marin County) and at Ohloff Intensive Outpatient Services (San Francisco). He continues his consulting work and private practice of Brief Solution Focused psychotherapy.