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IC04 Professional Resources Day Workshop 09 - New Directions: Creativity Training Through lmprov - Robert Schwarz, PsyD

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Workshops |  Improvisation |  Therapist Development |  Art and Creativity
Erickson Congress |  Erickson Congress 2004
Robert Schwarz, PsyD
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Dec 01, 2004
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Increase your ability to improvise and think creatively on the spot. Rejuvenate your ability to find the humor and imaginative spark in all types of situations. In this almost totally FUN and experiential workshop participants will learn a variety of exercises from improvisational comedy and acting that will stimulate their own consciousness of inventiveness. A great way to supercharge yourself for the rest of the Congress.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To name three ways to increase the ability to think creatively in novel situations.
  2. To describe three principles of improvisation and their application to therapy and living.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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Robert Schwarz, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing psychotherapy and coaching for over 25 years. He is also a marriage counsleor and clinical member of the American Association of Marital & Family Therapy, and a diplomate in comprehensive energy psychology. He is also an approved consultant for the American society of Clinical Hypnosis.