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IC01 Workshop 25 - Stories to Wet Your Breath - Terry Tafoya, PhD

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Workshops |  Multicultural |  Storytelling
Erickson Congress 2001  |  Erickson Congress
Terry Tafoya, PhD
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Dec 07, 2001
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Ritualistic repetition of traditional American Indian stories creates a "scaffolding" of associations on a metacognitive level, offering a framework for problem solving. Participants will engage in story and the making of meaning. Specific clinical examples will be paired with specific stories.


Educational Objectives:

  1. To name one major cross-cultural difference in story formation.
  2. To name three elements that assist modifying a story to a specific client.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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TERRY TAFOYA, PhD, is Executive Director, Tamanawit, Unltd., Seattle, Washington, an international consulting firm on multiculturalism, bilingual education and transcultural issues of mental health providing training and technical assistance to local, state, tribal, federal agencies, universities, school districts and private industries. Dr. Tafoya serves as National Consultant for the U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and is consultant for the American Psychological Association Hope Program.


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