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IC01 Short Course 16 - Advanced Strategic Therapy for Beginners: Therapy in the Language Experience of Human Beings - Donald Miretsky, MEd, CPC

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Short Courses |  Strategic Therapy |  Language of Hypnosis |  Therapist Development
Erickson Congress 2001  |  Erickson Congress
Donald Miretsky, M.Ed
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Dec 06, 2001
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This short course will teach advanced conceptualization and technique by summarizing it in the language experience of human beings. This means teaching a four-step approach incorporating everyday language, common sense concepts and humor so beginners as well as experienced therapists can learn and apply the skills. This approach is demonstrated by case and video presentation of severely disordered children.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To describe the four steps of the language experience approach to strategic therapy.
  2. To describe the issues of safety and ethics in the use of a strategic model.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Donald Miretsky, M.Ed's Profile

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Donald Miretsky was a family therapy seminar lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry for seven years. He has presented at local, regional, state, and national conferences as well as providing training and consultation to multiple private and state agencies. He specializes in child and family therapy as well as adult and couples issues. He utilizes Ericksonian approaches to psychotherapy. This is not simplistic trance work, but the comprehensive utilization of clinical principles individualized through assessment to meet the unique characteristics and needs of each client and/or family. Don enjoys working with issues related to personal adjustment, anxiety, depression, and trauma.