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IC01 Short Course 02 - Treating the Out-of-Control Adolescent: A Grounded Theory Inquiry Into Haley's Work - Scott P. Sells, PhD

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Short Courses |  Children and Adolescent Therapy
Erickson Congress 2001  |  Erickson Congress
Scott P. Sells, PhD
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Dec 06, 2001
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Treating adolescent with severe behavioral problems challenges even the most skilled practitioner. To address this difficult population a four-year process-outcome research project led to the discovery of a 15-step integrative treatment model. The process began with an intensive case analysis of Jay Haley's work using a grounded theory approach, The concepts that emerged were then tested in the field using outcome measures on 82 families over a two-year period. In this way, the blending of qualitative and quantitative methods in a single study yielded results that offered information that neither could provide alone.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Given a case, develop a clinical intervention based on a grounded theory approach.
  2. Given a case, apply specific principles and guidelines to engage the uncooperative child or adolescent and cooperatively work with multiple systems.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*