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Erving Polster - Humanization of Techniques

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Topic Areas:
Clinical Demonstration
Pioneers of Psychotherapy Bundle
Pioneers of Psychotherapy
Erving Polster, PhD
Course Levels:
Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
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Original Program Date:
Dec 14, 1995
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Erving Polster (1995) demonstrates with Delisa, who is troubled by her work with geriatric patients. Polster leads Delisa quickly and deeply into her own fears of death and loss. Polster jokes, confronts, and directs Delisa into a greater self-awareness. Following the demonstration Polster explains his work and addresses questions.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To describe and illustrate the difference between ordinary human engagement in therapy and technical engagement.
  2. To describe a moment when you could discern a felt meeting of minds between patient and therapist.


From conference EP95-CD11-DVD




Erving Polster, PhD's Profile

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Erving Polster, Ph.D in clinical psychology, is the Director of The Gestalt Institute of San Diego, and the author of several important books, including Gestalt Therapy Integrated, Every Person's Life is Worth a Novel, and From the Radical Center: The Heart of Gestalt Therapy, as well as dozens of articles and chapters. Erving has authored 6 books. In his current writings, he offers perspectives and designs for a communal application of psychotherapy principles. He also describes and celebrates a powerful contemporary momentum for people-at-large to join together in the search for personal and social enlightenment.


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