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EP13 Workshop 11 - The RNA/DNA Epigenetic Dialogues of the Creative Unconscious: Are Quantum Dynamics Involved? - Ernest Rossi, PhD; Kathryn Rossi, PhD; Bruce Gregory, PhD; and Birgitta Gregory, PhD

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Workshops |  Unconscious Processes |  Art and Creativity |  Consciousness |  Four-Stage Creative Process |  Psychotherapy
Evolution of Psychotherapy |  Evolution of Psychotherapy 2013
Ernest Rossi, PhD |  Kathryn Rossi, PhD |  Bruce Gregory, PhD |  Birgitta Gregory, PhD
2 Hours 32 Minutes
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Dec 11, 2013
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What is Life? What is Consciousness? Theory, research and practice of Psychosocial Genomics are outlined as the next step in the Evolution of Psychotherapy. A live group demonstration of how to facilitate gene expression and brain plasticity by optimizing the 4-stage creative process for 20 minutes will be experienced by everyone.

Educational Objectives:

  1. List 4 stages of the creative process.
  2. Explain RNA/DNA dialogues of the creative unconscious.
  3. Demonstrate how private inner work trumps free association.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



Ernest Rossi, PhD's Profile

Ernest Rossi, PhD Related Seminars and Products

Ernest L. Rossi, PhD, is an internationally renowned therapist, teacher and pioneer in the psychobiology of mind-body healing. The author of more than 24 professional books, Dr. Rossi worked with Milton Erickson for eight years and co-authored three classic volumes on therapeutic hypnosis with him. Rossi has also edited four volumes of Erickson's Collected Papers and four volumes of Erickson's Seminars, Workshops and Lectures. He has been conducting research in the psychosocial genomics of ultradian rhythms and their relation to mind-body healing and psychotherapy for over three decades.

Kathryn Rossi, PhD's Profile

Kathryn Rossi, PhD Related Seminars and Products

Kathryn Rossi, Ph.D, is a licensed psychologist and certified yoga instructor (RYT 500). She recently co-edited the 16-volume Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson. She and Ernest Rossi are in private practice in Los Osos, Calif.

Bruce Gregory, PhD's Profile

Bruce Gregory, PhD Related Seminars and Products

Bruce Gregory, Ph.D. has been a licensed marriage, family therapist for forty-five years, working with individuals, family, or organizations. He was the Director of the Master Program at Ryokan College for twenty-five years. He has worked in the addiction/recovery field for twenty-five years, and has trained the staffs for Promises, Cliffside and Pat Hart Consulting. His specialties in the addiction/recovery sector include working with high llevel executives, struggling young adults, and families needing systemic healing involving learning healthy communications skills, accountability, and the repair of trust. Bruce has been a regular workshop presenter for the Ericksonian Foundation for twenty-five years, presenting workshops on the integration of Ericksonian Mind-Body Hypnotherapy with other therapeutic disciplines, tai chi, Tibetan

Buddhist meditation, and quantum physics in the treatment of resistance, trauma, and addiction. He has been a corporate behavioural specialist for thirty-five years working with companies that include American Express, Xerox, and Travelers Insurance. He has published a series of articles integrating Ericksonian Mind-Body Hypnotherapy with classical music composition theory, Tai Chi, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, mathematics and quantum physics.

He has also been a workshop leader at Esalen Institute, presenting workshops in the Art of Leadership, the Transformative Power of Grief, and activation of the Core Self.

Birgitta Gregory, PhD's Profile

Birgitta Gregory, PhD Related Seminars and Products

Birgitta Gregory, Ph.D. is a Life Skills Coach, Corporate Consultant and College Instructor who works with corporations, groups, individuals and couples focusing on effective communication and interpersonal relationships. She facilitates the processes of identifying and dealing constructively with a variety of issues such as narcissistic defenses, development of appropriate boundaries, power and control issues, personality conflicts and team building. Dr. Gregory supports the development of effective skills to better manage anxiety, heighten awareness, use the language of accountability and responsibility, ask simple yet effective questions to create trust, and to become a more powerful negotiator in personal as well as business situations. She teaches life skills and helps process group members’ experiences, which helps to build trust, promote good morale, encourage optimal efficiency, integrate spirituality and create a higher quality life style.