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EP05 State of the Art Address 02 - A Unified Treatment Protocol for Emotional Disorders - David Barlow, PhD

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State of the Art Address |  Psychotherapy
Evolution of Psychotherapy |  Evolution of Psychotherapy 2005
David Barlow, PhD
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Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
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Dec 09, 2005
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Theory and rationale supporting a new unified approach to emotional disorders are described along with some preliminary experience with the protocol. It is suggested that this unified treatment may represent a more efficient and effective strategy in treating emotional disorders, pending further evaluation.

Educational Objectives:

  1. To describe the three basic principles of a new protocol for emotional disorders.
  2. To describe the integration of basic psychopathology with active therapeutic ingredients in the treatment of emotional disorders. 

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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Professor of Psychology, Research Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Clinical Training Programs, and Director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University. Editor of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice. He is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology, and maintains a private practice. Dr. Barlow has published over 500 articles, chapters and books. He is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently the C. Charles Burlingame Award from the Institute for Living.