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CC23 Workshop 06 - Loss of Attraction: Applying the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy - Martha Kauppi, MS, LMFT

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Couples Conference 2023
Couples Conference |  Couples Conference 2023
Martha Kauppi, MS MFT
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Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
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May 05, 2023
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When faced with loss of attraction, clients and therapists alike often feel overwhelmed, confused, and disempowered. Attraction seems so mysterious, coming on quickly and going away just as suddenly. It is easy to believe attraction is out of our control. But restoring attraction is actually possible. In this workshop, Martha will show you how she uses several concepts and interventions from the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to help clients identify what is blocking attraction, remove the blocks, and restore intimate connection. Expect a spirited combination of lecture, discussion, Q & A, and plenty of immediately applicable material you can take to your next session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to name the single most important early treatment intervention in loss of attraction cases
  2. Participants will be able to name three parts of effective goal setting in loss of attraction cases
  3. Participants will be able to identify at least two pitfalls for therapists when working with loss of attraction



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Martha Kauppi believes that relationships (with yourself, your family, your partner, your culture, your community) form the context for life and provide some of the richest material for both joy and struggle. Improving any of our relationships improves every aspect of life. She is skilled in relationship, family, and couple counselor, and love working with people who are addressing family relationship challenges, improving couple communication, or exploring improved intimate connection.