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CC22 Workshop 13 - Challenges in Addressing Race Related Issues with Interracial Couples - Sejal Patel, PsyD

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Couples Conference |  Couples Conference 2022
Sejal Patel, PsyD
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Jun 26, 2022
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For this workshop, we will briefly review research on discussing race related themes and concerns between interracial couples. The presenter will introduce 2-3 interracial couples currently in treatment with this provider and some presenting concerns around sociocultural identity differences, perspectives on social justice, and how the couple discussed or did not discuss microaggressions one partner of the couple experienced outside of the relationship. The presenter will address her own countertransference processes, how she conceptualized the conflicts, and how she addressed and facilitated dialogue between the couple. Participants will also have an opportunity to present their own cases, challenges moments, and questions they have regarding how to address race related presenting issues.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review existing literature pertaining to how interracial couples discuss race related topics in the relationship.

2. Understand microaggressions and the impact of microaggressions on recipients.

3. Identity what constitutes social justice language and learn to integrate social justice language and concepts into the treatment of interracial couples presenting with race related issues.



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Dr. Sejal Patel is a staff psychologist and the group coordinator at MIT student mental health and counseling. She is also in private practice where she primarily treats interracial couples in addition to being a DEI consultant with VISIONS, Inc. She has over 10 years of experience creating and teaching workshops and courses on diversity/inclusion and sociocultural identity issues and is committed to reducing barriers to mental health treatment by integrating social justice concepts into her work as a psychologist and coaching other clinicians. She has taught college level courses on Oppression and Privilege and Cross Cultural Psychology. She currently leads a women of color group at MIT and is on the social justice task force at MIT mental health. She has a doctoral degree and master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver.

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