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CC22 Workshop 09 - Queering the Developmental Model: (De)constructing Identities, Experience, and Building Resilience in Relational Therapy - Joseph Winn, MSW, LICSW, CST-S

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Couples Conference 2022
Couples Conference |  Couples Conference 2022
Joseph Winn, MSW, LICSW, CST-S
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Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
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Jun 25, 2022
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The Developmental Model, or DM, is a sophisticated orientation to understanding intimate partner relationships. Organizing relational processes through the lenses of attachment theory, developmental and neuropsychology, and family systems theory the DM maintains a nonpsychopathologizing perspective while fostering interconnection through the process of differentiation. However, The DM, like many models of relational therapy, was not designed to explore the complexities and lived experiences of those with multiple intersecting identities or queer identity formation as areas of consideration and exploration in clinical practice. Building on Bader and Pearson’s work, this workshop will explore how the incorporation of intersectionality, queer, and critical theory can be woven seamlessly into the process of joining, assessment, formulation, treatment planning and intervention to expand the DM into larger and more diverse styles and structures of intimate partner relationship in clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

1. Frame how relational therapies inadvertently, reinforce, maintain, and propagate systems of racism, heteronormativity, sexism, ageism, and ableism.

2. Have a foundational understanding of queer theory and its application to relational psychotherapy via adaptations to The Developmental Model of Relational Therapy.

3. Understand how a ‘queer ’exploration of the self of the therapist, personal and professional sexological worldviews, can expand how to better join with non-heteronormative and diverse relational systems.



Joseph Winn, MSW, LICSW, CST-S's Profile

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I graduated from Boston University in 1995 with a Masters Degree in Social Work and a specialization in group psychotherapy. While studying at Boston University, my field placements focused on family therapy, adult mental health, substance abuse and dependency, community mental health and people diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.


My undergraduate degree was completed in 1993 through The University of Massachusetts Boston. While enrolled at U-Mass Boston, I worked full time with homeless men, women and families struggling with chronic mental illness, substance dependency, and domestic violence. I was employed at McLean Hospital for several years where I worked primarily in an adolescent residential program and several other programs including the psychotic disorders residential unit.