CC13 Workshop 16 – The Three C’s: Using Spirituality in Couples Therap

CC13 Workshop 16 – The Three C’s: Using Spirituality in Couples Therapy (Even with Non-Religious and Non-Spiritual Clients) (Audio Only)

Using a simple three-part model of spirituality, you’ll learn how to infuse a spiritual sensibility into couples therapy even with clients that are non-religious, dogmatically religious or who are hostile towards spirituality or religion.

Educational Objectives:

  1. List the three elements of spirituality.
  2. Describe one method of using spirituality in couples work.


Product Details
Topic Areas:
Couples Therapy |  Meditation, Spirituality and Yoga |  Workshop
Couples Conference 2013 |  Couples Conference
Faculty :
Bill O'Hanlon
Course Levels:
Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
1 Hour 43 Minutes
Audio only
Original Program Date:
Apr 19, 2013
Never expires.



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Bill O'Hanlon, MS, has written over 30 books, appeared on Oprah with his book Do One Thing Different, and has been a top-rated presenter at psychotherapy conferences all over the world. He was a student of the late Milton H. Erickson and created Solution-Oriented Therapy and Possibility Therapy. Find him at 

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