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BT12 Workshop 11 – REACH: Pushing your Clinical Effectiveness to the Next Level – Scott Miller, PhD

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Workshops |  Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) |  Relationships |  Tailoring |  Therapeutic Relationship |  Therapist Development
Brief Therapy Conference |  Brief Therapy Conference 2012
Scott Miller, PhD
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Dec 06, 2012
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The field of therapy is undergoing a period of dramatic change: regulatory and documentation requirements, government cutbacks and changing insurance policies, declining incomes and economic uncertainty. Thankfully, a simple, evidence-based alternative exists for maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment based on using ongoing client feedback to empirically tailor services to the individual client needs and characteristics. Over a dozen randomized clinical trials, involving a wide range of clients and presenting complaints, document that the principles and practices associated with Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) improve outcomes and client satisfaction by as much as 65%, cuts dropout rates in half, and decreases the risk of deterioration by one third. FIT does not require a great deal of time and can be incorporated into any therapeutic approach or treatment setting. Many clinicians and agencies around the world are using the data generated by FIT to provide evidence of effectiveness and accountability to regulatory bodies, payers, and funders.


Educational Objectives:

  1. Learn a simple, valid and reliable method for evaluating progress in treatment.
  2. Discover a simple, valid and reliable method for evaluating the quality of the therapeutic relationship.
  3. Understand measures of alliance and outcome to identify cases most at risk for drop out, deterioration, or treatment failure.

*Sessions may be edited for content and to preserve confidentiality*



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Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., is the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence an international consortium of clinicians, researchers, and educators dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioral health services. Dr. Miller conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations, both public and private, to achieve superior results.