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BT12 Short Course 53 – What to Expect When Your Patient is Not Expecting – Helen Adrienne, LCSW

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Brief Therapy Conference |  Brief Therapy Conference 2012
Helen Adrienne
59 Minutes
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Dec 08, 2012
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The number of those who are struggling with infertility in the United States is 7.3 million and growing. If you have not yet encountered this in your practice, you are likely to sooner or later. Working effectively with this highly stressed population requires awareness of the unique profile of patients suffering with the unmet longing for a baby. This workshop will be an opportunity for you to gather the understanding you need in order to attune yourself to the challenges these men, women and couples face and to learn brief therapy, mind/body interventions that will make a difference. Infertility is also a state of mind. Learn how you can adapt the skills you will develop to other people in your practice who are infertile in other ways in their life.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Construct a protocol for ego strengthening in the face of the devastating diagnosis of infertility.

  2. List and be able to utilize three mind/body coping skills that can serve to reverse the physiology of stress.

  3. Identify two ways that you can adapt a larger understanding of infertility to other patients in your practice.



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Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD, is in private practice with a specialty in infertility. She conducts mind/ body stress reduction classes at NYU Fertility Cen- ter. She also educates mental health profession- als on the parameters of infertility at national and international conferences. Her book On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility is available at and

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