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Consciousness Bundle

In honor of the late Ernest Rossi, we are offering his two celebrated books "The Breakout Heuristic" and "Creating Consciousness" for 50% off the standard price. Add these two beautifully illustrated case-bound to your library.

"The Breakout Heuristic" is contains the selected papers of Ernest Rossi, covering 1967 to 2007, and detailing his research into the then new area of neuroscience, specifically the three factors that facilitate brain growth: novelty, environmental enrichment and physical exercise.

"Creating Consciousness" builds upon the foundation laid in The Breakout Heuristic. Ernest Rossi boldly confronts the essential questions about what is it that makes us human. Rossi first presents core neuroscience research detailing how novelty, enrichment, and the “wonder” of metacognition turns on activity-dependent gene expression and brain plasticity to grow a better brain—in everyday life as well as the arts, culture, humanities, and sciences. Next, experience actual case histories and scripts detailing how we create new consciousness with the 4-stage creative process in our daily work.

A portion of the proceeds will go to support the preservation of the Erickson Historic Residence.

The Breakout Heuristic

The New Neuroscience of Mirror Neurons, Consciousness and Creativity in Human Relationships
Regular Price : 49.95
Discounted Price : 24.98

Creating Consciousness

How Therapists Can Facilitate Wonder, Wisdom, Truth & Beauty
Regular Price : 49.95
Discounted Price : 24.98

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