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Keynotes |  Couples Therapy |  Gottman Method |  Attunement
Couples Conference |  Couples Conference 2012
John Gottman, PhD
Course Levels:
Master Degree or Higher in Health-Related Field
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Apr 28, 2012
Short Description:
Based on research, Gottman will discuss his new theory of how to conceptualize “trust” and “betrayal” using interdependence game theory. Trust and betrayal metrics here are not personality traits, but characteristics of daily interaction processes. He will present practical flowcharts for how couples build trust and loyalty, versus how couples build distrust and betrayal. The social skill of “emotional attunement” will be described precisely. A new therapy for preventing distrust and betrayal, and a therapy for healing from betrayal will be presented. Concepts will be illustrated with video-tape and transcripts from actual cases.
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