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“The Anatomy of Experiential Impact” explores experiential brief therapy, an Erickson-derived and Zeig-expanded therapeutic model. Often client's problems stem from existing in maladaptive states, where clients have trouble adjusting to situations they find themselves in.

The therapeutic strategies outlined in Anatomy are a map, guiding you through the steps of experiential impact. Experiences alter one’s emotions and states in ways that mere information cannot. Leading clients through resourceful experiences provides them the tools they need to successfully navigate their way out of troubled waters.

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Key concepts in this book:

  • A practical Meta-Model of Ericksonian therapeutic approach
  • Mapping: Understanding problem states, solution states, and even therapist states
  • Tailoring: Focusing therapy through the client’s lens and speaking in the client’s experiential language
  • Gift wrapping: Powerful methods of presenting goals to clients
  • SIFT (Set-up, Intervention, and Follow-Through): Devising an effective treatment process
  • and much, much more.

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The first volume of the series, The Induction of Hypnosis, presented Dr. Zeig’s model of hypnosis.

The Anatomy of Experiential Impact is the second volume of the Empowering Experiential Therapy Trilogy, and can be read independently of the other books in the set.

The third, Psychoaerobics, presented an experiential method of therapist development. In this book, you will encounter a model of brief therapy that can be applied independent of your preferred model of therapy.

The fourth book in the series, Evocation, continues an exploration that began decades ago as he sought to trace the nuances and applications of Milton Erickson’s extraordinary work. Turning here to the original masters of evocative communication — painters, composers, filmmakers, poets, choreographers — he demystifies the grammar of the artist’s expression, teaching readers how to use it to enhance and empower their therapeutic communication.

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The Induction of Hypnosis

Offering an entirely new fundamental model of hypnosis from an Ericksonian perspective, this book is valuable to the beginning and intermediate practitioner who wants to add hypnotherapy into clinical practice. It provides a comprehensive genealogy (an Ericksonian family tree), testimony to Dr. Erickson’s significant influence; deconstructs the key concepts of hypnosis; presents real-life cases, dispels myths; and demystifies the process of eliciting trance.


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The Anatomy of Experiential Impact Through Ericksonian Psychotherapy

The Anatomy of Experiential Impact is the second volume of a trilogy, and can be read independently of the other books in the series. The first volume, The Induction of Hypnosis (2014), presented Dr. Zeig’s model of hypnosis. The third, Psychoaerobics (2015), presented an experiential method of therapist development. In this book, you will encounter a model of brief therapy that can be applied independent of your preferred model of therapy.


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Zeig’s goal is to retrain therapists from the bottom up, experientially. So with this in mind, he designed exercises for therapists to use so that they could have more emotional impact. He compares his therapeutic work-out with that of a gym, whereby certain stations are set up to work specific muscle groups. The 10 Warm-up Exercises and 50 Psychoaerobic Exercises are designed accordingly. Introductions precede the exercises and often there is a discussion afterward. The exercises were derived from Zeig modeling Milton Erickson and the states for which Dr. Erickson was most noted.


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The final contribution of a quartet of revelatory volumes — Psychoaerobics, The Induction of Hypnosis, and Anatomy of Experiential Impact — Evocation both builds on the previous books and stands alone. Evocation weaves together various rich threads — encounters with art, exercises for reader engagement, case excerpts, insights into Erickson’s cases, and so much more — to reveal the endless potential for evoking fresh resolutions within clients. Jeff redefines the therapeutic encounter to include an essential multidimensional vocabulary — spoken, gestural, hypnotic — that can naturally ebb and flow with the client’s capacity for engagement.


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La Inducción De La Hipnosis

LA INDUCCIÓN DE HIPNOSIS es uno de esos raros libros que ofrecen mucho más de lo que implican con el título. La inducción es sólo la parte central del medallón, porque también se explora el campo completo de la hipnosis, incluyendo su historia, sus mitos y definiciones. Este libro destaca la filosofía de Zeig y su estilo evocativo de enseñanza.


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La Anatomia del Impacto Vivencial a Traves de la Psicoterapia Ericksoniana

La Anatomía del Impacto Experiencial es el segundo volumen de una trilogía, y puede leerse independientemente de los otros libros de la serie. El primer volumen, The Induction of Hypnosis (2014), presentó el modelo de hipnosis del Dr. Zeig. El tercero, Psychoaerobics (2015), presentó un método experiencial de desarrollo terapeuta. En este libro, encontrará un modelo de terapia breve que puede aplicarse independientemente de su modelo preferido de terapia.


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Ejercicios Psicoaeróbicos

Para la hipnosis clínica sucede lo mismo que ocurrió en física en el campo de la óptica: cuando el campo estaba prácticamente cerrado se abrieron nuevamente las posibilidades apareciendo nuevas maravillas tales como el láser. Cuando no hay más en hipnosis aparece este manual del prolífico genio de la psicoterapia Jeffrey K. Zeig que expande las posibilidades de la hipnosis terapéutica.


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