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Carl Whitaker, MD

Carl Whitaker, MD, was an American physician and psychotherapy pioneer family therapist. Whitaker is most well-known for acknowledging the role of the entire family in the therapeutic process. He is the founder of experiential family therapy, or the symbolic-experiential approach to therapy. Rather than scapegoating one family member or even a specific family problem, experiential family therapy looks at the entire family system. Several other approaches to family therapy have drawn heavily from Whitaker's theories.

Image of EP85 Supervision Panel 05 - Bowen, Masterson, Polster and Whitaker
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EP85 Supervision Panel 05 - Bowen, Masterson, Polster and Whitaker

Topic Areas:
Supervision Panel
Evolution of Psychotherapy |  Evolution of Psychotherapy 1985
Carl Whitaker |  Erving Polster |  James F. Masterson |  Murray Bowen
58 Minutes
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Dec 14, 1985
Short Description:
Supervision Panel 5 featuring Murray Bowen, MD, James F Masterson, MD, Erving Polster, PhD, and Carl A Whitaker, MD. Moderated by Sharon Cottor, MSW.

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