Through the Erickson Foundation's live events, we've been able to build an incredible catalog of high quality lectures, keynotes, workshops and presentations. Available in audio only, video streaming, or DVD formats, we provide decades worth of pioneering psychotherapy content.

Erickson Congress audio and video materials are available!


We have a lot of fresh content in store, and some great pricing options available. At the 40th Anniversary Erickson Congress in December 2019, we recorded:

  • 16 Clinical Demonstrations (audio and video)
  • 10 Conversation Hours (audio only)
  • 6 Fundamentals of Hypnosis sessions (audio and video)
  • 7 Keynote presentations (audio and video)
  • 1 Master Class (audio and video)
  • 1 Pre-Conference Session on Self Hypnosis (audio only)
  • 38 Short Course presentations (audio only)
  • 14 Topical Panels (audio only)
  • 47 Workshops (audio only)
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